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We Care About Creatives

We care about Creatives!

At, we are passionate about Art & even more enthusiastic about the Artists behind the work!

That’s why we created the Voice of the Community! We listen to our Community, because we believe that your opinion matters!

The Community & Marketplace was CREATED with YOU in mind! was created & designed specifically to bring social media to the Arts and to support the Artists behind the work!

Our MISSION is to to effectively provide Artists with a marketplace & community that benefits Creatives! At our Vendors earn 100% of the proceeds from sales in the Artist’s Marketplace!

A Company with Principles

At, we believe that Creatives shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Our goal is to provide our Artists & Craft Vendors with the means & tools necessary to grow their small businesses, create lasting connections with customers & other like-minded individuals, and succeed at making money to continue their art & improve their lives – one Creative at a time!

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