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WANTED: Artist & Craft Vendors – Magic Lettering


First, I hand-sketched the lettering onto 140# watercolor paper using a HB pencil. Then, I used Dr. PH Martin’s Bombay India Ink (waterproof) in black with a nib to create the linework and filled in areas using a small paint brush.

Dalen Rowney Watercolor Masking Fluid was used to cover the white areas of the faux calligraphy to create the appearance of “magic lettering” when watercolor is applied after the masking fluid completely dried.

(NOTE: The masking fluid reactivates the india inks. However, in tests as well as in this video, it completely removes without discoloration, staining, or leaving any residual coloration from the india inks in the white spaces. This was excellent for the purposes of this video! Prior to this experimentation, I was unable to discover any information on the subject and was concerned when I noticed that it reactivated. So I thought that someone may find this helpful!)

Then, tube watercolors were used to mix a watery consistency of three primary colors: Lemon Yellow, Purple-Red & Cobalt Blue.

I applied these colors to the paper to create letters that appear like magic amidst a rainbow of beautiful colors! I LOVE how it resembles tie-dye!

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