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We wish it were possible to sit down with each one of you individually to show you around!

So we developed the perfect solution!

We combine audio and video content to create a personable experience, assisting users with learning to navigate the NEW Platform!

Our library of visual content will continue to grow to help you learn about the Platform as we receive more input about what type of tutorials will be most helpful to our Community!

Opening Shop

How to Register

This video is the first in our Visual Library Series!

I introduce myself and demonstrate how to sign up on the Platform quickly and easily!

The “How to Register” video leads up to the Vendor Welcome Wizard Video! So, be sure to watch Episode 2 of the Visual Library to walk-through the Vendor Welcome Wizard with me!

Vendor Welcome Wizard

The second video in our Visual Library Series covers the topic of the Vendor Welcome Wizard!

Walk-through with me as I show  you how to set up the most basic information for your NEW Shop!

By the time you finish with this video, you will be able to view your Shop’s Dashboard!

Important Settings

Shop Settings

Episode 3 of our Visual Library Series is ALL ABOUT your Shop’s Settings!

Review your Shop’s Settings for accuracy and to input additional information about your Shop!

Learn about branded areas and image sizes so your Shop gives the optimal appearance across the Platform!

Shipping Settings

Episode 4 of the Visual Library Series covers a very important subject, Shipping Settings!

Customers will be unable to checkout with items that do not have proper Shipping Methods set up in their Shop’s Shipping Settings.

These are available under your Shop’s Settings > Shipping!

Listing & Posting

Creating Physical Products

Episode 5 of the Visual Learning Series covers how to create a physical product! is a Community of unique shops and our products reflect that!

For more information about what you can and cannot post, please check our Community Guidelines and Prohibited Items, as well as other policies located in the footer of every page!

Importing Products

The 6th installment of our Visual Library is on the subject of How to Import Products with ease!

If you already have products on another platform you can INSTANTLY populate your Shop with products, saving yourself a lot of time!

You may be able to export a CSV file from that platform and upload it to! Learn how!


Virtual & Digital Downloads

For the 7th Episode of  the Visual Library, we tackle the subject of how to create Virtual & Digital Products for download!

We welcome you to come along with us as we demonstrate how to create a Sample Virtual & Digital Download and show you how to post it for sale!

Posting Articles & Content

The lastest episode of the Visual Library is how to Post Articles & Creative Content on the Platform!

We can’t wait to see what you are!


Create Coupons


Schedule a Flash Sale!

creating trust

Vendor Verification

Episode 8 of the Visual Library covers the important topic of Vendor Verification.

Verifying your identity helps us to prevent fraud, makes our Artist’s Marketplace a safer place to shop, and protects our Customers!

We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE  you to submit your Verification!


Change Profile & Banner Image

Episode 10 of the Visual Library is a quick tutorial on how to change the profile image & banner image!

Customers LOVE to learn more about Creatives, so when they click on your Author name to connect with you on a personal level, they will be taken to your Profile!

search engine optimization

Learn SEO for your Shop

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