Achieving Success – The Guide

Your Roadmap to Success

This Guide is intended to aid our Exclusive Members in their quest to earn a living following their passions! We want to equip our Artists with the knowledge necessary to traverse the marketplace and provide them with the means and tools that they need to succeed!


We aren’t selling our method

And it isn’t some “Get Rich Quick Scheme.”


Any Creative who is creating content & is engaging with their audience on a consistent & dedicated basis can achieve success! Literally, our system is based on the numbers, & it actually works!

Kevin Kelly | 1,000 True Fans

Are you a Creator of content, a product, or a service?


If so, it is easy

To obtain your desired

Level of success!

This innovative concept can best be summed up by Kevin Kelly, himself, when he stated:

A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author – in other words, anyone producing works of art – needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living. A True Fan is defined as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce.

Social Marketplace & Sharing Platform!

We are overturning the proverbial applecart

Changing the common perception

Of Creatives as “Starving Artists” recognizes an unmet need

Artists represent an underserved market!

Indeed, we are rising to meet that need!


Our solution is to provide

Benefits & Services

That address issues commonly faced by Artists


Our Social Club offers the means & tools

TO improve opportunities

Afforded to Creatives


Developing a network

Of support & appreciation

A culture around the Arts

Overturning the proverbial apple-cart!

Unlike other Corporations

Which take a cut of each sale and charge listing fees

We offer an alternative Model

A Social Club where Everyone Participates

Selecting Exclusive & Inclusive Memberships

Which also provide access to

OVER 300,000 Discounts & Perks

For Members ONLY!

Success is achievable & attainable!

Our goal is to provide our Artist Exclusive Members with a roadmap to success!

This simple concept is LIKE  a ROADMAP!


The Directions (Method) – Create x # of True Fans

The Roadmap (Plan) – Set your Goal $x.00

Figure out Miles – How MANY TRUE Fans – x #

Gas – How MUCH from each TRUE Fan – $x.00

Reach Destination (Success)

Adjust according to your need and abilities.


Goal of $100,000.00 would require 1,000 True Fans @ $100.00/each per year.

The same goal of $100,000 could be accomplished with 2,000 True Fans @50.00/each per year.

Or perhaps the Artist would like to make more than $100,000.00, let us say that they would like to make $500,000.00. This is possible with 1,000 True Fans paying $500.00/each, but for most of us, that is unrealistic!

So how would you earn it? Well, you could really put in a lot of effort and create more fans to spread the amount that you have to earn from each fan out. So, perhaps you need $50 from 10,000 fans or $25 from 20,000.

A Self-Replicating
& Repeating Cycle

  • Artists Create
  • Artists List Products/Services
  • Benefactors Buy
  • Artists Pocket the Profit
  • Artists Improve Creative Process, Equipment, Ingredients/Raw Materials, Quality of Living, or Supplies
  • Artists Create MORE!

Thus, we create a self-replicating, repeating cycle that stimulates the economy!

This cycle can provide the means for Artists to earn a decent standard of living! Our method represents the potential for real and true change in the lives of Creatives!

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