Achieving Success – The Guide

This GUIDE is intended to aid our Artists and act as a ROADMAP on your JOURNEY to SUCCESS!

You are here because you are on a quest to achieve success! Your desire is to follow your passions, while earning a decent standard and quality of living!

We want to equip you with the knowledge that you need to succeed! AND we want to provide you with tools to help you make those dreams a reality! 

However, achieving those dreams WILL require effort on your part!             


Before came along, there was an unmet need and Artists represented a deeply underserved market! 

In many cases, we felt that Artists were being grossly taken advantage of or were being charged excessive commissions to sell their work. Based on experience, Retailers and Galleries want 50% of your profit if you want them to sell your work. These types of gatekeepers generally want  be the middle-man to help pay for their overhead. Many of them require the Artist to sign exclusivity contracts that prevent the Artist from selling their work elsewhere. Additionally, a retail location or gallery would limit the Artist to the customers who visit the location their work is at. 

So, we decided to become the change we wished to see in the world! 

We created a platform that allows Artists to create a world-wide audience for their body of work. It helps them to connect with their patrons directly, without being charged fees. This enables them to retain their hard-earned profits. has the REAL POTENTIAL to truly aid Artists on their journey to achieve their dreams!

That you can retain more profits with our Shops will be an important factor when we share our Roadmap to Success! offers a COOP-style business model, that offers access to low-cost, feature-rich environment for Artists to open Shop. This allows them you monetize your work and engage in eCommerce upon our Community and Social Media Platform. 

Additionally, we enable Artists to grow & engage with a world-wide audience in order to expand their network of TRUE FANS!


Artists need access to the RIGHT tools!’s feature-rich platform provides a “Virtual Creative Toolbox,” where Artists like you have ACCESS to OVER 50 Features!

AND POST 12+ types of Creative Content, Products, & Professional Services!

So, no matter what type of creative endeavor you are engaged in, we’ve GOT YOU COVERED! 


Kevin Kelly, the progenitor of the concept of “True Fans” stated:

"A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author – in other words, anyone producing works of art – needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living. A True Fan is defined as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce."

This guide elaborates on how you how YOU can apply the TRUE FANS concept to grow your audience and reach your goals!

It is presented so that it will be easy to logically understand how to scale your work, so that you too can achieve the level of success that you desire!


Answering these questions will help you plan your journey.

  1. What is your desired income for a given year?
    • Are you professional looking to earn a decent standard of living from selling your work?
    • Or, are you just looking to make a little extra money from your hobby?
  2. How much money do you expect to make for each hour of your time spent on creative work?
    • How much time does it take to create a completed work?
    • How do you price your skills?
    • How do you price your time, what hourly rate should you be paid for your level of expertise?
    • Do you apply the “Pareto Principle,” better known as the 80/20 Rule, to your Art if you are in the business of creating and selling your work?
    • Some things to consider:
      • How can you apply money or time-saving processes?
      • Are you able to batch similar tasks for efficiency?
  3. What are the actual costs of the materials that go into each product?
    • Calculate the cost of each of the various materials and energy that make up your work.
    • Can you buy materials you use a large quantity of in bulk as a cost-saving measure?
  4. How much can you reasonably charge for your creative work?
    • How do you price your original works?
    • Are prints of your work priced proportionally to an original?
      • What are your expectations about the value or worth of your work? 
      • Do you research to find similar works for sale?
      • Do you base pricing on what the market for that type of work can tolerate?
  5. How are you currently creating interest in your work?
    • What is the level of interest that you have developed for your following?
    • How many times a day are you posting to social media about your work?
    • How could you scale the number of posts across various social media platforms to create the interest that you desire?
    • READ ON – We cover this a little later in “The Guide.”
  6. How many True Fans do you need to create in order to achieve your desired income?
    • We address this a in a moment with our examples.
    • Play with the numbers based on your the Success Formula, shared below!


Now that you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to do some math.

But since it’s about how much you would like to earn in a given year, it should be something you’re interested in! 


Using the formulas in the image above, take your desired income and divide it by the profit that you make per sale.

Then, determine how many items you would need to sell in order to reach your goal. 

In the next infographic, we show you how to easily break-down your Desired Income. further and determine exactly how many sales you would need to reach your set goal!

Example SUCCESS Formula

Explanation: Let’s say that your personal goal is to earn $100,000.00 profit in a year’s time. This would require at least $100.00 sale from 1,000 “True Fans.” 

The same goal of $100,000 could be accomplished with $50 from 2,000 sales. This is entirely achievable if you have a way to earn $25 from 4,000 sales, $10 from 10,000, $5 from 20,000, $1 from 100,000.


When you understand this concept, it simply becomes a matter of scaling up the numbers needed to reach your goal, while actively working on a daily basis toward achieving that goal.

OR perhaps you’d like to make more than $100,000.00? Let us say that you would like to make $500,000.00 in a year. This is possible if you have a way to earn $500 from 1,000 sales, $250 from 2,000, $100 from 5,000, $50 from 10,000, $25 from 20,000, and so on…

TIP: It is important to have reasonable expectations about what you might make in the beginning of any arts-related career and to set reasonable goals that you will be able to achieve – avoid setting unreasonable goals that will result in certain disappointment. However, if you are a Professional Artist with an established clientele, or fan-base that you can direct to your Shop, then SHOOT FOR THE STARS!

In this way, Artists may create a self-replicating, repeating cycle that is never-ending! This process helps the Artist to focus their creative endeavors toward reaching their goals, while simultaneously increasing their chances of success. 

This cycle, once completely understood and properly applied has the ability to provide the means for Artists to earn a decent standard of living!

Our method represents the potential for real and true change in the lives of Creatives!

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