’s Return Policy

PLEASE NOTE: strictly offers Shop Services to Artists. is only responsible for performing returns directly involving Shop Subscription Services. Please see our DISCLAIMER. hosts a Community of virtual Artist Shops. Each Shop has it’s own Terms & Conditions which reflect the Return Policy unique to that Shop.

Traditionally, Shop Owners are entitled to request a non-refundable deposit acquired to perform custom work, specified as a non-refundable deposit separate from the cost. Generally, Shop Owners are NOT obligated to refund in full for custom work because by definition such work is created to suit a specific preference or taste, which may be difficult to sell to someone else. 

Alternately, a Shop Owner may require a downpayment toward completion of custom work, with a portion of the downpayment being clearly specified as “non-refundable” to ensure that they cover the cost of the materials/time when a consumer changes their mind for reasons outside of the Shop Owner’s control and decides not to complete the commissioning a work.

If you, as a customer, order custom work, and are not wholly satisfied you will need to take this up with the Shop Owner. 

We recommend contacting the Shop Owner for inquiries relating to their Shop’s Return Policy.

By default, Shops may perform returns from the dashboard. This does not mean that Shop Owners are obligated to perform returns. It simply asserts that they have the capability to perform returns at their discretion.

Shop Owners should be attentive to ALL Contact, Support Tickets, and Inquiries for this reason.
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