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If you woke up this morning to an invoice in your inbox, don’t be alarmed.

We simply want to explain the purpose of the email you received!

Today, we assigned Free Shops to every Vendor who had not yet selected a Premium Shop Subscription. This will allow you to post Creative-Driven Content, Products & Services on Makyn.me!

You recently registered & activated your account as a Vendor.

If you had not previously selected a Shop, we assigned a FREE Shop to you! The idea was to provide the functionality for ALL VENDORS to participate in our Artist Community and enable everyone to post Creative-Driven content, products, & services!

When we assigned our Free Shop to you, it also sent an email to notify you of this transaction!

We feel the need to clarify & explain the purpose of the invoice you received! There is no charge for the Free Shop, and you don’t owe ANYTHING to list up to 20 Creative-Driven products & services each month!

Note: The Free Shops charge a 3% Commission on sales that occur in the Artist’s Marketplace. See Shop Pricing for more details!

Our concern is that the invoice did not contain detailed information to tell our Vendors why they receive the email or what a Free Shop entails! Please view the details here: https://makyn.me/shop-pricing/

Should you desire to change from a Free Shop to one of our Premium Shop Subscriptions

It is easy to do! Simply cancel your Free Shop and upgrade to a Premium Shop HERE!

Our affordable Premium Shop Subscription options are suitable for every budget and size inventory of Creative work! Please view our Shop Pricing for more details about each Shop Subscription! We function more like a CO-OP providing potential customers with a venue that is available year-round to host your creative goods & offer creative services! Our Premium Shops feature:

  • Each vendor now has FULL ACCESS to the 40+ FEATURES Makyn.me offers!
  • EVERY SHOP also now has ability to post over 12 types of content, products & services!
  • NO COMMISSIONS, meaning that Makyn.me does not take a cut or percentage of your profits! We believe that we are helping to solve the issue of the “starving artist” by helping our AWESOME CREATIVE VENDORS to retain more of their hard earned money!
  • We also never charge any listing fees for any of our Shops!


We recently became aware of a technical difficulty resulted in some Vendor Shops not showing in the Shops List.

However, we are pleased to announce that issue has now been resolved and the RESULT = EVERY SHOP now appears in the Shops List! Our NEW Vendors should check out how their Shop appears HERE.

TIP: Load up an IMAGE and BANNER to represent your Brand!

We are pleased that you re here and cannot wait to see what you are Makyn.me!


We have created a helpful Quickstart Guide for Vendors that walks through how to set up your Shop quickly and easily!


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