Dirty Hippie | Patchouli Cacao | Soap


Patchouli and Cacao Soap | Dirty Hippie Soap

This recipe contains a Vegan blend of: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, & Castor Oil.

Hue: Cacao Powder
Scent: Patchouli Essential Oil

*Some color variation between batches is common, soaps may be lighter than or as dark as depicted.


Mandakyn’s Amazing 3-in-1 Soaps

  1. Glycerin is a natural humectant – attracting moisture to the skin
  2. Glycerin is a natural skin emollient, softening the skin
  3. Gentle, Mild Cleansing Action

About Mandakyns LLC

We are passionate about the art of natural and traditional soap-making.  Our resident artisan masterfully handcrafts each recipe using only the finest in high-quality ingredients.  Synergistically combining clays, herbs, and/or therapeutic essential oils in each small batch of soap to achieve the desired result.  Producing soaps that are aesthetically pleasing to the senses, leaving you feeling exquisite and luxurious after your bathing experience!   Mandakyns soaps contain high amounts of glycerin.  Our process creates soaps that are gentle in nature, mild of scent and bursting with glycerin, which both moisturizes and softens your skin!



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About Our Process

To begin, our process involves expertly blending pure vegetable oils and distilled water with lye.  We “superfat” our recipes to guarantee that the bars are gentle and mild. This ensures that all of the available lye is consumed in the reaction.  Soap is a remarkable delivery system for conveying the benefits of the essential oils they contain.  Our artisan blends the scent and color of each batch skillfully.

Then, the soap batter is poured into molds forming logs, before being topped.  Individual bars are cut from these soap logs and subsequently stamped with our logo.  Each soap is cured to perfection.  Finally, the soaps are packaged and labeled for sale.

Soap 101

Soap was made historically from animal fats and wood ash.  Traditionally, people have been making soap with lye (sodium hydroxide) or potash (potassium hydroxide) for centuries which tended to be crude and harsh.  In modern times, it is not so. We have better tools to measure and accurately calculate weights.  Today, we also have accessibility to higher quality ingredients than was available in the past.  We know a lot more about chemistry and science.  In their natural form, these alkali salts are highly caustic and reactive with water.  The thermal reaction of the alkali salt in the water causes it to break the bonds that normally keep the oil and water separated, causing them to combine.  In scientific terms, this chemical process called “saponification” creates molecules that are both hydrophobic (water-avoiding) and hydrophilic (water-loving).  These molecules help to lift and remove dirt from your skin while simultaneously moisturizing it.  It is interesting to note that “Sapo” means “soap” in Latin.



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Specification: Dirty Hippie | Patchouli Cacao | Soap

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