Plein Air Painting at Waterfall in Caser, NC

Swimming & fun with friends at a beautiful waterfall in Caser, NC. 

plein air painting

Plein Air Painting Adventures

A group of four Artists went on a plein air painting & arting adventure! We hiked into a forest located in Caser, NC. We walked approximately 3/4 of a mile down a trail to reach a waterfall and swimming area of the river. There are several unique water holes to swim in that have been hollowed out by the massive quantities of water rushing through the rocks.

Stephen, Vera, Eric, and I as well as some of our older children brought our picnicking and arting supplies along to the waterfall. Then we commenced to have some fun & make some art!

We swam in the cool water & posed for some pictures!

And Eric even balanced some stones!

Another site to see, only a short distance away, is a quaint one-room church that has a small cemetery graveyard with a lot of tiny headstones. My understanding is that the local population, specifically children, were deeply affected by an epidemic of Influenza that swept through the area. This seemed especially relevant given the current pandemic of Coronavirus and the effect of the world.

Other amenities available near the church are port-a-potties, a water pump, covered area for picnicking. It is definitely a must-see site! Please be respectful and return everything as you found it and clean up behind yourselves if you do decide to visit.

*PLEASE NOTE* The area IS GAME MANAGEMENT LAND and is safe to view outside of hunting season! If you visit during hunting season, you should ensure that you wear ORANGE to prevent getting shot by mistake. 

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I would like to post some videos of our trips out eventually to the Mandakyns Channel! Please check out my other videos!

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