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Must-Have Social Media & Scheduling Tools for your Creative Toolbox

Navigating Social Media

There are times when Social Media can be downright overwhelming! We’ve all been there.

However, having the right tools often makes your job as a Creative easier! Instead of getting lost in the information stream, these tools can help you stand out amongst the crowd! The tools we are going to recommend in this Guide Post can aid you with building an audience, posting on a schedule, creating a story, and MORE! The BEST part is that these tools will help you to efficiently navigate the waters of Social Media. This leaves more time to devote to your creative endeavors!

So, stay tuned to learn more about the tools we recommend for Social Scheduling!

Social Scheduling Tools


IF This Then That (IFTTT) offers the ability to automate & connect online processes through creating “Recipes” and “Applets” to connect services together!



What We LOVE About IFTTT

We absolutely LOVE that IFTTT is ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

We are passionate about being efficient, so that more time is available for being creative! IFTTT does just that! It helps automate repetitive processes, so that, for example: 


IFTTT is not only relevant for Social Media, it’s useful for almost anything related to the web – and even most smart devices! Super compatible with virtually everything, this could be a game-changer for many of you!

They offer an astounding variety of pre-made “Recipes.” IFTTT has a “Recipe” for virtually every application. It’s phenomenally easy to use. Simply search for the service you’re trying to connect, find the particular style of “Recipe” you are looking to create. Then, simply connect and accept necessary permissions in order to provide the requested service!

If you can’t find one that suits your needs, that’s okay! You can create one! They are easy to set up, and from there it’s just a matter of the “If” condition being triggered, and when that occurs the associated “Applet” will work like a dream!

In this way, IFTTT can help save you time & effort in performing redundant procedures that could be automated. 

To learn more about the abundance of efficiency tools that they offer, we simply recommend exploring what they have to offer and discover for yourself see what will be most helpful! 



Helpful for curating content, scheduling social media posts, performance tracking tools, managing up to 3 accounts, and MORE!



What We LOVE About HootSuite

  • HootSuite is GREAT for scheduling posts in advance. This helps many creatives to build an audience by posting regularly!
  • Compatible with more than 150 different apps!
  • Provides useful metrics that help you gauge interaction with your audience!

Why We RECOMMEND HootSuite

HootSuite is helpful for making some apps that are mobile-only available for use on Desktop.

Planning ahead! HootSuite is insanely useful when it comes to planning out posts to various social media platforms. This app will make it SUPER EASY to automatically post to these channels while you are otherwise engaged! 

To sum up, HootSuite is an amazing time-saving application that we simply HAD to pass on! 


HootSuite’s FREE Account will be suitable for the majority of our Members.

HootSuite also offers more robust Premium Services starting at $29/month.

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Must-Have Social Media & Scheduling Tools for your Creative Toolbox

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Have a favorite Social Media or Scheduling Tool you’d like to share that you find SUPER HELPFUL? Or if you LOVE our recommendations, let us know which one and why in the comments below!

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