Must-Have Idea Generation Tools to Add to your Creative Toolbox

This Guide Post is about MUST-HAVE Idea Generation Tools that our Artists may be interested in adding to their Creative Toolboxes!
Idea Generation Tools

Generating Ideas

There are times when we, as Creatives, hit a wall. Our creativity seems to need a boost. This is when idea generation tools come in really handy. 

In this Guide Post, we will be sharing our recommendations about Tools for Idea Generation that our Members may be interested in adding to their Creative Toolbox!

Idea generation is a process that Artists go through to solve the problem of how to visually convey information. This may include connecting concepts & association, brainstorming about a variety of thoughts – and allowing more abstract ideations to emerge. It’s okay to explore outlandish ideas in the brainstorming phase, giving credence to whatever wild ideas come to mind – even and especially if they do not make sense. It’s often great to refer back to such material at other times when we feel “stuck” creatively. Reviewing brainstorming sessions may give you just the spark that needed to develop an original idea.

Oftentimes, a good piece will give further context for our art in the form of a story or elements that narrate the work telling the story in the form of images with the viewer’s eyes flowing over the work, inevitably drawn to the different aspects of your piece. Including these types of elements may really help convey your concept visually to the audience. 

You might be able to find an idea for a background, a technique to create atmosphere in your piece. You might learn a new skill. Or you could discover a way to create a visual library of your own filled with tutorials. Some of these recommendations double to as library of visual content you can save concepts to that inspire you and that want to keep for future reference. Studying them may even help in your process!

Idea Generation Tools



Great for keeping track of ideas that sparked your creative juices!



What We LOVE About Pinterest

Pinterest allows users to pin content from all over the internet onto an unlimited number of boards. Create boards for virtually any purpose to save ideas to easily find later! Users can follow boards or people that they like.

This helps Pinterest to provide fresh visual content for the individual to pin or keep scrolling through. It’s also super easy to search for content! 

If you are looking to generate ideas, not copy them, Pinterest is an awesome place to begin to get your gears turning. It’s wonderful for storing references that you would like to be able to come back to later for inspiration.

It’s also an excellent location to find DIYs, how-to’s, & tutorials for artistic & creative projects!

Why We RECOMMEND Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing information discovery tool. When it comes to visually searching concepts, content, & innovations – Pinterest is THE premier place to look for ideas!

Aside from being extremely user-friendly, Pinterest is not your average social media platform! Despite the fact that users can follow boards, businesses, & users it’s not centered around creating a following for users so much as it is about being able to save information unique and helpful to each user.  



Search for content using a helpful paint-picker tool!



What We LOVE About DesignSpiration

DesignSpiration is similar to Pinterest, but it features only design related content.

Why We RECOMMEND DesignSpiration

Have a color palette you are working with, DesignSpiration is an excellent platform to find images and visuals. 

DesignSpiration allows you to easily search through images based on concepts and colors. Select up to 5 colors and SEARCH to discover visual content!


Inktober Prompts

Beginning as a challenge to improve skill with ink, Inktober has become an excellent challenge to participate in every October!



What We LOVE About Inktober

While Inktober doesn’t fit with the general flow of our previous recommendations, we REALLY LIKE the concept behind this relatively new movement. Artists can use prompts similar to the way that authors use writing prompts to spark innovation and get their creative juices flowing!


Inktober is about growing and improving and forming positive habits, so the more you’re consistent the better.

Why We RECOMMEND Inktober

Inktober is an excellent way to get motivated to improve your artistic skills. The premise of this self-challenge is to draw one of the Official Prompts for each day in the month of October, using any kind of ink as the medium for your work. 

The wonderful part is if the Official Prompts don’t appeal to you, you can always head to Pinterest (See RECOMMENDATION #1) and search for “inktober prompt list.” This search will result in many different lists of innovative prompts created by the Community. There’s no wrong way to do it!

We RECOMMEND it for several reasons:

  1. This word-based method of brainstorming is a great way to generate ideas!
  2. Often, the idea that one person associates with a particular word will be quite different from what another person associates with that same word!
  3. This daily “grind” or habit created by the act of practicing every day can really help jumpstart or even drastically improve your creative abilities!
  4. The Inktober concept can be applied to virtually any medium by a diligent Artist to improve any practical skill that you want to work on!
  5. If you post daily and use the #inkotober hashtags you can build your following!

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Must-Have Idea Generation Tools to Add to your Creative Toolbox

This Guide Post is about MUST-HAVE Idea Generation Tools that our Artists may be interested in adding to their Creative Toolboxes!

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Love this recommendation? Or have an idea generation tool you’d like to suggest that we add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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