Must-Have Crowdfunding Tools for your Creative Toolbox

This Guide Post is on the subject of Crowdfunding and how it can be beneficial to help Artists & Creatives!
Crowd Funding Tools

The Skinny on Crowdfunding Tools

In this Guide Post, we will be address what Crowdfunding is. We will also discuss various a Crowdfunding Tools and how they can help our Creatives to achieve their goals. We will break down the different platforms and how we feel that they may be of the most assistance! Most of this information will be helpful, regardless of the platform that you feel best suits your needs. Let’s delve in, shall we?

So, what IS Crowdfunding, exactly?

The act of collecting small sums of money from large numbers of people to source funds for a project or venture – usually online, has come to be called “Crowdfunding” or “Crowdsourcing.”

How can Crowdfunding help me as a Creative?

Our Creatives may use Crowdfunding with the same approach that we address in Achieving Success – The Guide! If you haven’t read it, we highly suggest you take a few minutes to do so! It provides a “no fuss” approach with a by-the-numbers method to help you reach your goals! 

These platforms may be able to help our Creatives bring an idea to fruition, an invention to life, provide a regular income, support the creation of content, or source funding for a cause!

Getting a loan from a bank to seed your endeavor can often be difficult to obtain funds for start-ups via traditional methods such as this, especially for those of us engaged in creative ventures to obtain the necessary capital.

Our goal is to provide you with information about available platforms that might be helpful for funding your dreams! 

Noteworthy Crowdfunding Platforms



An excellent Platform for anyone who is involved in regular Content Creation. 



What We LOVE About Patreon

Great for creating a sustainable income based on building an audience. This audience is comprised of Patrons who support your work monetarily and receive the reward at a tier that reflects their level of support.

Why we RECOMMEND Patreon

★ Get paid each month or per piece of Content! Set up your Patreon the way you want!

★ Create tiered levels of rewards for your Patrons! Members of each support tier receive a unique benefit, that you determine, for each level of monetary commitment to your work.

★ Restrict access to content to Patrons based on their tier!

Consider the rewards you may be able to offer your loyal Patrons!

Here are some ideas:

  • Art prints
  • Artist trading cards
  • Behind the scenes looks
  • Calendar
  • Early releases of content
  • Sneak peeks
  • Stickers you designed
  • Puzzles

Patreon's Pricing




Indiegogo is an AMAZING platform for crowd-sourcing the funds, empowering Creatives of ALL types to pursue their passions!



What We Love About Indiegogo

Each project on Indiegogo is unique! Indiegogo provides a source of funding for creative work, community projects, gadgets, interesting ideas, innovations, & technological advancements! However, you have to be able to bring your concept to completion! This is an important part of ANY project!

Indiegogo has an active, healthy community! The platform is beloved by authors, creatives, film-makers, musicians, & startups everywhere! They provide their Members with a platform to engender the change they wish to see in the world by backing projects they support. 

How Indiegogo Works

Addressing Common Myths About Crowdsourcing Funds

Thanks to Indiegogo, we have this video which helps explain some common misconceptions about Crowdfunding to help raise awareness!

Why we RECOMMEND Indiegogo

★ Similar to the concept of a patron, when you back a creative project or tech innovation, not only do you have the pleasure of knowing that you helped bring an amazing idea into reality, but you ALSO receive the perk for your level of contribution to that project! 

★ Regardless of what creative field you are in, there are tons of examples of the types of structure that you can create for the perks that you provide to your Backers. Take a look around and get some ideas from other successful campaigns that have met their goals!

★ Indiegogo offers two types of funding, fixed and flexible. 

★ Flexible funding is good choice when any proceeds toward your goal will help your endeavor & you have the ability fulfill the perks along the way.

★ Fixed funding is a great option when you have a certain amount that you must have in order to complete your funding goal. You do not have to fulfill the perks until your goal is met. All funds are returned to donors, if your funding goals are not met by the deadline.

★ Funding goals must be in excess of $500 to create a campaign.

Indiegogo's Fees



Sourcing the funds for an awesome invention? Have an exhilarating idea find yourself in the position of needing financial backing? Kickstarter may be just what you are looking for!



What We Love About Kickstarter

Kickstarter is excellent for creative & tech entrepreneurs alike! Well-known for helping drum up non-traditional funding that can help avoid normal sources like banks & investments!

What is Kickstarter & How Does it Work?

We love Kickstarter’s “All-or-Nothing” approach! The way Kickstarter does business essentially holds the Creative accountable to actually complete the campaign and associated project! No funds are exchanged until the Kickstarter campaign goal has been reached and completed. If the goal or deadlines are not reached or the idea never comes to fruition – no harm, no foul!

The Kickstarter Philosophy

Kickstarter is passionate about supporting the Arts & the Creatives behind the work! They have a more qualitative view of success than quantitative & see their role as having a positive benefit for society as a whole. They are a “Benefit Corporation” that takes the impact that it is making on the Creative Community as a whole seriously and is doing its part to further support of the Arts!

Check out their Charter HERE!

Visual Explainer

While Kickstarter didn’t put out this video, it does help illustrate what Kickstarter is about and how it works quite succinctly. So for the purposes of this Guide Post, we felt that it would be helpful to give some insight into the subject for our Visual learners!

So we HAD to share! 

Why we RECOMMEND Kickstarter

★ Kickstarter is well-known for being a great resource to help creatives, innovators, tech start-ups get their AMAZING IDEAS into the public forum & the support needed to “MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

★ Kickstarter is user-friendly! Their great interface makes creating your campaign a breeze!

★ Super active & supportive community!

★ Kickstarter can be used to fund a WIDE range of projects! Take a look!

Drumming Up Backers for YOUR Concept

Potential backers who want to see your ideas come to life can choose to support your Kickstarter!

How to Create a Kickstarter Project Video

Kickstarter's Fees

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Must-Have Crowdfunding Tools for your Creative Toolbox

This Guide Post is on the subject of Crowdfunding and how it can be beneficial to help Artists & Creatives!

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