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Visual Learning Platforms

Having a growth mindset is a crucial part of being a Creative! As Artists & Crafters, we are always learning & practicing! We love to discover new skills & techniques that we can use to create interest & aesthetics in our work!

So, we thought we would share OUR suggestions for Creative Learning Platforms that have excellent visual content that our Members can apply to continually improve their talent! 

1. Skillshare

As a NEW Learning Platform, Skillshare offers Creatives the ability to 

Our Rating:

What we LOVE about Skillshare

★ There are Perks to becoming a Teacher, including discounts!

★ There is no cost for posting a class!

★ Teachers CAN earn money to teach classes!

★ Skillshare has paid out more than $5 Million to their Teachers!

★ Allows students of the class to interact with the teacher, get feedback, and MORE!

★ Offers FREE classes!

★ Skillshare offers OVER 24,000 courses with lesson-style visual content!

★ In-depth educational classes & detailed courses provided by talented Creatives!

★ You can skip ahead easily!

★ Continues to play in the background if you have to check something on a mobile device!

★  Advertisement FREE!

★ Helps break down complex concepts into smaller, bite sized lessons that are easier to understand & apply!

Skillshare's Premium Service

Why we RECOMMEND Skillshare

★ Skillshare provides Artists & Creatives another way to monetize their veritable skills & talents to help other people learn!

★ Skillshare offers their Premium Service with 2 FREE months of their Premium Services when you take advantage of the offer by clicking the button below!

2. YouTube

YouTube Logo

As a Creative Visual Learning Platform, YouTube is next to none!

Our Rating:

What we LOVE about YouTube

★ We are extremely grateful to the Artists & Crafters that have invested their time to provide creative content!

★ Video content is freely available and make excellent videos that are excellent to learn from.

★ YouTube offers both FREE & Premium options for their Services! Check out some of the features of their Premium Service below!

YouTube's Premium Service

YouTube Premium

Why we RECOMMEND YouTube

★ YouTube has an extensive visual library of FREE content on virtually any & every subject imaginable! 

★ The platform provides a way for Creatives of all types to produce and disseminate content on the world’s 2nd largest searched platform!

★ It’s an excellent community to start creating an audience and to grow your following!

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Must-Have Learning Tools for your Creative Toolbox

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Love this recommendation? Or have an learning tool you’d like to suggest that we add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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