As a NEW Marketplace & Community, it is inevitable that we will experience minor difficulties, encounter a bug or two as we ramp up & scale to size. It does take time to address issues, just know that behind the scenes we are busy at work on what you see below when we aren’t actively working to improve the Platform!

To be 100% transparent with our Independent Shops & Customer base, we felt it was necessary to present a list of issues that the website may be experiencing so that if you’re experiencing an issue you may check here to see whether we are currently aware of the problem.

If you do not see your Issue listed below, then we respectfully request that you promptly complete our brief Report an Issue form to simply make us aware there is a problem you’re facing so that we can immediately begin work to resolve the problem for the benefit of the ENTIRE Community & Marketplace! We sincerely appreciate your assistance with this!


  • 04/18/2022 – By Monday, we should be fully set up to properly accept taxes in the US, aside from possibly Alaska (have to file in each city?). We intend to expand to the EU & Australia next. Hopefully, this will be fully completed no later than the end of the month of April. We need to comply with all of the tax laws and assist our Vendors with their own compliance needs. This will help more small businesses handle their taxes as we may move to a system where we collect and remit taxes on behalf of our Sellers! Until the 18th it may not assign a tax rate, for which we will have to fully accept responsibility. So, please contact us if this situation applies to you & we will work with you immediately to rectify it.
  • 04/15/2022 – Looking into an issue regarding “Related Products” showing on Shop. Default behavior is to only show the related products for the Independent Shop viewed. It does appear to be showing related products from other shops. We are looking into the most likely reason being that the Shops involved have less than 3 products in their Shop. The “Related Products” feed *really* wants to show at least 3 products as it is designed to do. However, this behavior is not present with Shops that have at least 3 products active in their Shop. Shops may want to go back and check their listings to ensure that they have included Up-Sells & Cross-Sells in the “Linked” tab when creating or editing products HERE.
  • 04/14/2022 – We are in the process of replacing our Tax software to AvaTax. We signed a contract to partner with this reputable company to assist us with helping our Independent Shops with their real & burgeoning tax concerns. We hear you & are moving quickly to be compliant with all tax laws & assimilate in all countries that we are able to do business in.
  • 04/10/2022 – Unfortunately, the Tipping feature that we have advertised in the Shopping Cart is currently unavailable due to a serious issue that needs to be resolved. We hope to have a solution by the end of this month and reconnect the software which enables this really important feature & functionality for our Independent Shops. We want your Customers to be able to go above & beyond to show their support for all of your HARD WORK! We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause our Shops! We promise to resolve this as quickly as possible!



  • We will begin listing them here after the date of this posting.


We are hard at work behind-the-scenes to improve your User-Experience, however, we only make improvements that are actually requested or that are planned. We believe in seriously considering the feedback that we receive from our Community of Independent Shops. Everyone is welcome to Join our NEW Discord server (bear with me I am learning) where users interested in taking an active role & participating will have a voice that the FOUNDER & DEVELOPER WILL HEAR!

We were keeping a running log of improvements & issues, however, it seemed more appropriate to split them and address the two

FROM THE FOUNDER: Greetings & Salutations Community! I am asking for your participation. I cannot properly lead & navigate this fledgling organization on my own. I need to develop a team around me. I require the support & input of the Independent Shops who are actively participating in the Community! It is so important that I make decisions for the betterment of our organization that actually benefit our Independent Shops! Please come Join Me & offer your feedback, recommendations, suggestions, sage advice, wisdom, or tell me how we can help you or collaborate together! I’m here for it and you all! Please message me anytime using the Helpful Chat button and you will be connected with me. I want to know what you think! Please open the chat at any time & send me a message or comment in our NEW Discord!
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