Open Invitation for Artists & Craft Vendors


We are pleased to present & our Artist’s Marketplace.

Featuring Shops from around the world who are offering their unique Creative-Driven work!

We provide CO-OP style Shop Services that are low-cost and feature-rich! Our Platform translates into MORE THAN 100 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, providing our Artists with every opportunity to reach and create a world-wide audience!

Our Platform was designed to be an innovative solution to the problem of the “Starving Artist.” Our Shop Subscriptions allow Artists to pocket 100% of the profits from sales in our Marketplace and they pay NO COMMISSIONS OR LISTING FEES!

Our solution is to provide the means & tools for Artists be successful using their artistic skills & talents, helping them pocket as much from their creative endeavors as possible! gives Artists access to OVER 50 Features that provide the means & tools necessary to succeed.

Our Community eCommerce Social Media Platform offers Artists the ability to post more than 12 types of Content, Products, & Services!

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