If You Build It, They WILL Come

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

As we surveyed the landscape that Artists & Creatives faced in the not-so-distant past, it became apparent that something needed to change. We decided that the only way this change would come about was if we were to embody this quote, and become the change we wished to see in the world! Thus was born the concept of Makyn.me!

Time for a change?

Sometimes, as Creatives we realize that a platform (we won’t name names) is out for gain and doesn’t have our best interest at heart! When they stray too far away from what caused a platform to become great, and its obvious that they have forgetten what made it amazing to begin with!

This inspires us to seek something better.

As a community platform, we are always listening to YOU! We encourage you to let us know what would benefit you as a Maker! Tell us how we can best serve you, because our Members are EVERYTHING to us!

If you build it, they will come…

We worked tirelessly to create a better option for Artisans, Artists, Crafters, Makers, & Creative Professionals alike!

As a platform, we are growing rapidly! Makyn.me is a great opportunity for Vendors to get in on the ground floor of a NEW handmade platform!

Strapped for time?

We completely understand! Most creatives would prefer to devote this precious commodity to their work!

Joining Makyn.me is far easier than inputting the cost, time & effort to build & maintain a stand-alone artist site! Because after completing set up of your own site, your focus will become content creation & figuring out how to drive traffic (i.e. how to get people to away from social media) to visit your stand-alone site. So, we brought Social Media to the Arts and centered it around YOU!


We have an excellent Artist’s Marketplace that puts handmade at the fore! Makyn.me also recognizes Artists & Crafters, putting them in their rightful place in the LIMELIGHT! 


Create your own portfolio, complete your profile & biography to help your fans connect with you! Your profile containes unique features like widgets and your own activity wall! Add a photo to represent your shop and your shop banner to get your Shop featured in the Shops List!

List items in your own shop that features beautiful photos & galleries to display your work! Link your profile to social media to allow your fans to share! Receive emails when you receive a new follower!

Be your own boss! Create your own terms & conditions, refund policy, shipping choices, set your shop on vacation, reports, and MORE!

After that you can make friends, join and create special interest groups, private message, explore the community, and find local handmade items!

AND share media & posts with the community of your creative projects and works in progress!

Each vendor receives these features and many more!

Community is WHERE IT’S AT!

Ever wonder why events like exhibitions, festivals, pop-up shops, and arts & craft do so well? When you have that much creativity in one place, it is bound to attract INTEREST & ATTENTION!

However, events can be expensive to participate in and may last a weekend or at most a week. One has to pack in, fuel up, drive, unpack & set up. Add to that the concern that you may not recouperate the expense of being a vendor if your sales aren’t great, crowds don’t show, or weather doesn’t participate. There is also the breaking down, packing in, return drive, unpacking & storing until the next event.

What if, you could list all of your products in one place affordably and have it available to sell for an ENTIRE MONTH?

It solves most Artist’s pain points!

You can sell products from virtually anywhere in the world, its SUPER affordable unlike some vendor fees at events. There is NO: pack in, pack out, back strain, damage during transit, long day, bartering with people, sunburn, rain ruining your work, hungry because you couldn’t get lunch, or worrying about needing to go to the bathroom but you don’t have someone to watch your beloved work!

You just have to ship your product appropriately when you sell it!

Our model doesn’t prevent or preclude any vendor from participating in these types of events. On the contrary, we actually we encourage our Creatives to do both!

We have several pages located in the Main Menu devoted to events & festivals for which our Members may be interested in!


We as Artists & Crafters band together forming a Community of Creatives who have the ability to showcase their work & sell to the general public from a Handmade Marketplace, with a Platform that understands that the struggle IS REAL! Makyn.me recognizes the IMPORTANCE of it’s Creative base! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


If you decide that Makyn.me is a right for you, then we have several options to aid in the transition from another platform!

We offer the ability to import your products from CSV and XML files to create a smooth transition from one handmade platform to Makyn.me if you are considering a change.

Paid Shop Subscriptions

Paid Shop Subscriptions provide extremely affordable options for Artists & Craft Vendors seeking a platform to showcase their work, expand & grow. The reward is that the Vendor pockets the profits!  As a form of COOP, our Subscription Plans provide a viable alternative to other profit-seeking platforms. For Makyn.me, the ARTIST COMES FIRST!

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