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How to switch to a Free Motion Foot | Singer FashionMate 5500/5400/6199?6180/6160

Change presser foot to a free motion foot on a Singer Fashion Mate 5500!

Free Motion Foot

Hey Art Friends! Welcome back to the Mandakyns Channel! Today’s episode is about how to switch to a free motion foot from a general purpose foot on a Singer Fashion Mate 5500 series sewing machine! I realize this may not be applicable to everyone.

However, because I plan to post a video in a few days using the Free Motion Foot it seemed relevant to show how to attach it. I noticed that there were not any videos that demonstrated how to attach this particular foot on my sewing machine – anywhere on the web.

Most feet for the machine are snap on. This presser foot is different, it locks on with a screw. So, I thought that to show how to switch to a free motion presser foot might be helpful for someone!


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