The Makyn.me Community & Marketplace features

  • A MARKETPLACE with a focus on Original Art & Designs, Handcrafted Goods, Digital Designs, & Creative Services like accepting Commissions or Custom Work! Our Marketplace features products & services offered by ALL of our Shops!
  • A COMMUNITY of Independent Shops offering their creative products & services!
  • GROWING & IMPROVING – As we grow, we will continue to improve, adding new features & benefits that will support our Creative Community of Shops!
  • NO CODING SKILLS REQUIRED – Leave the technical stuff to us! Open a Shop with Makyn.me that presents your work in a professional manner. We provide our Creatives the means & tools to be successful, without the headache of learning coding languages!

Shops That Help Creatives

  • MINIMIZE FEES – Our Shop Options help Independent Artists & Creatives who open Shop with us to SAVE money by reducing fees to the bare minimum!
  • TRANSPARENT PRICING – Our straight-forward, clear pricing helps our Independent Shops better understand how much they make.
  • PRICING CALCULATOR – Our Art & Craft Pricing Calculator helps our Shops to more easily put a price on their work and is able to take into account a variety of inputs from the Creative that enable them to determine that their pricing covers labor, materials, and other important factors.
  • TIP CREATIVES IN CART – Our Checkout process is unique, featuring a wonderful way for Customers to show their support for our Independent Shops! Customers are encouraged to leave Shops a Tip prior to completing their transaction! Leave a percentage tip on each item you purchase or add a Tip amount of your choosing!

Easy-to-Use Frontend Dashboard

  • MOBILE & DESKTOP CAPABLE – Access our feature-rich Dashboard from anywhere using any device to manage your Shop!
  • PRODUCT IMPORTER – We make it simple to import all of your products easily with our Product Importer using a CSV file of your products!
  • SHOP WIZARD – When a new user registers to open Shop, they are greeted by our helpful Shop Wizard to make basic Shop setup a breeze!
  • PAYMENT INTEGRATION WITH STRIPE – Helps us to provide Shops with funds from completed orders quickly!
  • SHARING – Easily share your work through SMS, email, or virtually ANY platform that you wish using the sharing buttons located on the right-hand side of the screen!

Marketing & Promoting

  • ENHANCED VISIBILITY – We provide enhanced visibility for our Shops by integrating with Google Shopping, Facebook Shopping, Instagram Shopping, & Pinterest Shopping! This allows your products & services to be visible on platforms where Customers are active in order to encourage their users to visit our Shops who are interested in the products & services in our Marketplace.
  • SHOP FOLLOWS – Get updates when your favorite Shops post new Products, Services, & Articles!
  • EMAIL UPDATES – We keep your audience connected to your Shop by sending your Shop’s Followers updates when you drop new Products, offer new Services, or post content via Articles!
  • ARTICLES – Our Independent Shops may post Articles to promote their work for FREE! This is great for when you have a product drop or want to market a new product to your current audience! Articles appear under the Articles tab on Shops & in our Articles by Our Creatives page!
  • CROSS-SELL & UPSELL – When you have at least 2 products you may begin including products & services that you wish to Cross-Sell or Upsell when you are creating listings! This encourages your audience to purchase other items that they might like or that are more expensive than the item that they are currently viewing!
  • NO ADVERTISEMENTS – We are here for the Art & Crafts & to support the Creatives who make it! We don’t like feeling advertised to, so the Makyn.me platform will remain ADVERTISEMENT-FREE! We depend solely on our Shop Memberships & the nominal fees that we charge to Free Shops we accept to cover operating expenses & reinvest in our Community!
  • YOUR SOCIALS – We make it easy for your Customers to find you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Behance, DeviantArt, Twitch, Discord, your Website, and even a spot to include any other Social Media Platform!
  • COUPONS & PROMOS – Create unique coupons to run promotions for your Shop!
  • SALES FEATURE – When Shops enter a “sale price” we feature the listings that are discounted by the Independent Shop! These products & services are also posted on our ON SALE page!
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) – Shops are highly encouraged to “tag” each listing with keywords under SEO! This helps connect Customers searching in browsers on Search Engines like Google and Pinterest with your products & services!

Professional Shops

  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN – Our Shops were created with responsive designs in mind, helping your Shop to look great on any device!
  • NO CODING SKILLS REQUIRED – Leave the technical stuff to us! Open a Shop with Makyn.me that presents your work in a professional manner. We provide our Creatives the means & tools to be successful, without the headache of learning coding languages!
  • PRODUCT & SHOP REVIEWS – Customers can leave Ratings & Reviews about products, services, & Shops! This type of activity helps our Shops build trust with the Community! Customers like to read reviews about the experiences & interactions that real-world users have with your Shop before they buy! Encourage your Customers to leave Reviews!
  • SHOP ONLY PRODUCTS – Only your products & services are visible on your Shop! We do not show the products & services of other Creatives on your Shop’s page!
  • FEATURE PRODUCTS – Our Shops are able to highlight products & services in our Marketplace by featuring them! Featured products & services are visible on our Featured page!

Help & Support

  • FAQ’s – Answers to questions that are frequently asked by our Community!
  • HELP CHAT – Our helpful support team is available during business hours to assist with any Shop or Platform-related questions! Access the Help Chat with the “Help” messenger icon located on the bottom-right of every page!
  • KNOWLEDGEBASE – Our documentation makes it easy to learn how to do different functions! If you have a question, ask us! We will then try to create a Knowledgebase Article to help others who have a similar question!
  • OPEN A REPORT – We quickly address issues submitted using our Report form. In the event of a technical difficulty or other issue, we kindly ask our Users to help by opening a Ticket with the Report form! We appreciate your help in this regard as it assists us to efficiently provide solutions for a better user experience for everyone!
  • TUTORIALS We are in the process of creating a robust series of guided tutorials to help familiarize our Users with the Makyn.me platform & how to perform various activities during your visit!
  • CONTACT US Makyn.me is here for YOU! If you reach out to us, your voice will be heard! We sincerely appreciate and take into consideration all comments & feedback.
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