Community Guidelines

By using Makyn.me you agree to our Terms & Conditions, located in the footer of every page. Additionally, Members agree to abide by the Makyn.me Community Guidelines and adhere to the Prohibited & Restricted Products when listing items in the Artist’s Marketplace or posting content in the Community.


Yes, you must register for a account to be able to make purchases of products or services through the Artist’s Marketplace.

In the Top Menu, click “LOGIN/REGISTER”.

Submit your information to register as a Customer.

Then check your email to activate your account. 

No, choose wisely. After a Username is selected, you are unable to change it.

Yes. As a community of Artists & Crafters it is of the utmost importance that we keep the Artist’s Marketplace as a haven for creative-driven products & services, specifically handcrafted & handmade work.

Please help us keep it that way! Report any potential commercial, mass produced items! 

All products & services listed in the Artist’s Marketplace must be handmade, hand-altered, or hand-assembled by you (or your employees). 

Makyn.me prohibits the posting of commercial, mass-produced items, or the re-selling of items that may be handmade – but which you did not design or make yourself, are not permitted in the Artist’s Marketplace.

Vintage, collectible & crafting supplies are also not eligible to be sold in the Makyn.me Artist’s Marketplace.

If you discover a product or service which does not meet our guidelines, please report the item immediately, using the convenient reporting tools provided.

Any content, products or services MUST BE Creative-Driven! YOU MUST be the Creator of any Content, Products or Services that you post!

You MAY post: Original Art, Handmade or Handcrafted Work; Digital Designs & Media, such as Images, Music & Videos; Professional Services, like Bookings, Commissioned & Custom Work; Modern Literary Arts Posts; Creative-Driven & Supported Documents, (e.g. eBooks, Printed Materials, Adult Coloring Books, Children’s Books, Comics.; Prints of YOUR Originals;

If you are offering a Professional Services that requires a certification or license in order to perform the service associated with your profession, you should place a digital copy of that document in your Portfolio for Members to view.

Platinum Members who are offering Commissioned or Custom Work for a Benefactor Member should not charge more than half of the estimated cost of the work to be performed, with the remainder at the completion of order & shipment of product.




Due to restrictions there are various items which are not allowed to be shipped. Therefore we do not allow the sale of such products on our site.

Products that contain hazardous materials, any flammable or explosive materials and biological items such as any bodily fluids (ie blood). The sale of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms are prohibited.

Posts or content that contain hate speech or discriminatory statements will not be tolerated and may be grounds for removal. Basically, if your words could negatively reflect on the whole of our organization chances are you are going to be removed.

While many things are considered “Artistic” in nature, Members may not list goods or products that are pornographic, contain illicit or illegal substances, or are outright violent in nature.

Services that are not professional in nature. For example, there should not be any unlicensed massage therapists offering to perform work on the site.

If you, as a Member, notice a listing/post which has been prohibited on this site, please report it below so that we can remove it.

Yes. We have made certain exceptions to the types of items that can be sold, such as digital downloadable items and patterns, however these must be properly categorized as such. 

We recognize that books published and music produced are Creative-Driven works. If you created it, and own the rights to the work then we have no problem with you listing your work here. Please ensure that your content meets our Community Guidelines prior to publishing.

Yes, However, it is important to carefully read through our Prohibited & Restricted Content Policy to ensure that your posts, products, and services remain within our Community Guidelines. 

Subscription Shop Services

During business hours, click on the LIVE CHAT icon in green floating on the left side of the screen. This will immediately connect you with a knowledgable Makyn.me Representative, who can best answer any questions you may have!
In the event that you try to reach us after hours, Live Chat may not be available. If this this the case, the best way to contact us with your questions is by email at support@makyn.me.

1. REGISTER as a Member. 

2. Activate Membership by using the link sent to your email after registration.

3. Walk through the Vendor Welcome Wizard to set up your Shop information & enter your payment information.

4. Select your Shop Subscription from the Artist’s Dashboard.

5. Add shop banner and image to represent your Brand!

6. Start listing handmade products & creative-driven professional services!


Changes to Account

If you remember your password, you may easily change your password from the Artist’s Dashboard. Simply click “Edit Account” the center button located at the bottom of the Artist’s Dashboard menu panel.

Or if you cannot recall your password, you may choose the option “Lost your Password” from the LOGIN/REGISTER page, which is located in the Top Menu.

We would be sad to see you go, but if you would like to cancel your subscription, you should do so from the Artist’s Dashboard. 

Contacting a Shop/Vendor

On the Artist/Seller Shop Page, there are two (2) ways to contact the Artist/Seller to ask questions or open tickets about concerns you may have.

1: Get Support Button located in each Shop Page, or
2: Contact Vendor from Contact Vendor Widget located on left side of each Shop Page

Visit the Artist/Sellers Shop Page. To simply this, you can search for the Shop Name in our Shops List.

Click the “Get Support” Button located in every Shop to Open a Ticket with the Artist/Seller responsible for the Shop in order to get direct answers to your questions!

Checking Open Support Tickets & Shop Refunds

Go to the Artist’s Dashboard and in the Menu along the left select Seller Support Tickets to view open & previously closed tickets for Shop Support.

Yes. Shops are able to offer returns and refunds.

Becoming a Vendor & the Shops List

See our QUICKSTART VENDOR GUIDE for Detailed Instructions on how to become a Vendor.

1. Register as a Vendor 

2. Check your email and follow the link to activate your account.

3. Our Vendor Wizard will welcome you & allow you to begin inputting payment information so that you can receive payment when items sell in the Artist’s Marketplace. 

4. Select your Shop Subscription.

From the Artist’s Dashboard, you must add a Shop Banner & Image to represent your Handmade BRAND!


Select “Go to Vacation” and Set Vacation Message. 

If you will be unavailable for any reason and unable to accept & ship orders for your Shop, it is advisable to put your Shop on “Vacation.”

This will help prevent any unnecessary issues while you are away, whether for business or pleasure.

Digital File & Image Requirements

The ideal size for your shop banner is 1900px x 300px.

Image size used for the main image on single product pages. These images will remain uncropped.

300px x 300px.

Thumbnails will be cropped into a square with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

You must have created the digital file/image yourself. 

You may upload the following file types: .jpg/.jpeg, .mp3/.mp4, .doc, .pdf, .gif, .png, .zip,. rtf, .wav, & .wma files.

Makyn.me Fees?

We have done our best to shield Artists from excessive fees and fees in general. Our business model is set up like a COOP, where participation is key and helps keep the platform running for the benefit of everyone.

Makyn.me offers two (2) types of Membership:

FREE Members: Members who do not Subscribe to our Services are charged a 3% fee on ALL Transactions, additional merchant fees are subtracted, and are responsible for all sales and use taxes.

Artist Shop Subscriptions: There are ABSOLUTELY NO LISTING FEES to post items and NO COMMISSIONS CHARGED WHEN ITEMS SELL, meaning that once Artists have paid for the shop subscription the SHOP becomes the recipients of all profits. Members are only responsible for paying merchant fees and sales and use tax.

Yes! Our Subscription Plans offer Commission FREE sales on all items listed!

However, Payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, which allow our Artist/Sellers to receive payment for the goods sold in our Marketplace DO charge a nominal fee to perform the service.

Merchant fees, simply put, are the cost of performing online credit & debit transactions electronically.

Artist/Sellers receive 100% of the purchase price, minus the Merchant fees.


FREE SHOP – 20 items/month

SILVER SHOP – 50 items/month

GOLD SHOP – 100 items/month

PLATINUM SHOP – 200 items/month


AND there are never any listing fees!

With the Artist Shop Subscriptions, there are NO Commissions charged when items sell. Thus, our Shop Subscribers pocket 100% of the profits from sales!

With the Free Shop, you are charged 3% commission fee charged on sales.




Merchant Services

Each individual Merchant Service (PayPal, Stripe) has it’s own electronic transaction fees associated with the cost of doing business. Each Vendor agrees to these terms in order to sell their work.

We are not responsible for the Merchant Fees and receive no proceeds from them. Please review the Terms & Conditions of each applicable Merchant Service for more details.

As sellers/vendors you are equipped with the latest & most advanced payment gateways available, which will allow you to perform your transaction with ease! You may accept most major credit and debit cards through your Shop using the various payment gateways that we provide!

Customers may pay with:

  • PayPal Payment Gateway

  • Stripe Payment Gateway

These Payment Gateways enable our Artists to perform their electronic transaction for a small merchant fee.

In return, they provide secure methods to accept most major credit & debit cards being used in the market today, including MasterCard, VISA & MORE!

We pay our Vendors with Stripe and PayPal.

When you Registered/Signed Up for an account and verified your email address, if you followed the link you were taken to a Wizard to assist you with setting up how you get paid.

If you skipped it, that’s okay! We have provided a button below to help you navigate to the settings so that you may input the appropriate information so that we can ensure you get paid for all transactions!

Insurance & Shipping


We highly recommend that as an Artist/Seller that you protect your hard work.

In the unlikely event that loss, damage or theft of your shipment occurs your customer will not be pleased.

Purchasing insurance can help to mitigate any possibility of loss.

Simply tell the shipping service the total amount the product has sold and include the shipping cost.

Check any shipping details that the Shop provided. Some items, if coming from another country could be held up by Customs. And other times, may be misplaced. It is always a good idea to request tracking information, where available. 

If you have not done so, we STRONGLY recommend contacting the Artist Member FIRST by opening a Support Ticket through the specific Artist/Seller’s Shop Storefront. This will help to determine the cause of the delay & whether it is cause for concern.

If it has been fourteen (14) days since your parcel was shipped, you can contact us & we will do our best to help.

Yes. If you visit your Artist’s Dashboard under Shipping you will see the additional shipping options available.

From there you will be able to input custom shipping classes & options required in order to suit the needs of your Shop.

No. We do not require that Artists/Sellers participate in a Free Shipping program. Artists/Sellers may offer Free Shipping at their discretion should they choose to offer it.

Business License & Tax Questions

As the recipient of all taxes received, the Artist/Seller is also responsible for all tax liability that results from sales that are transacted on Makyn.me.

Regardless of whether you meet the threshold required to automatically receive a 1099 from Paypal or Stripe, it is YOUR responsibility alone to report any income from Makyn.me or the Artist’s Marketplace to the Internal Revenue Service.

Makyn.me does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. These materials have been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, nor should this information be relied upon for, tax, legal or accounting advice. Additionally, we highly recommend that you consult with your own tax, legal and accounting advisors.

Yes, you should. If you are selling, then you need to apply for a business license in order to legally retail your products – that includes online retail. And selling handmade goods, such as arts & crafts. Check with your local county, city, state and federal government to get a better understanding of business license requirements.

Email Communications

We send communications to the email address that Members sign up with. You will receive your first email, beginning with when Registration is received.

ANSWER: We send an email to you letting you know that you have a NEW follower!

You may opt-out of certain emails such as our Artist Spotlight Newsletter or offers.

However, while you are a Member, you may not opt out of necessary communications from Makyn.me.

These communications are expressly for the purpose of providing Membership Benefits & Services. The issue addressed may be a simple reminder that your Subscripton is expiring, but may be more important such as correspondence about a product/service/shipment. Other things that we may contact you about include (but are not limited to) necessary communications regarding Complaints, Conduct, Membership, Orders, Policies, Purchases, Shop(s), Support Tickets, and/or the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy of Makyn.me.

Cookies & Consent

A cookie is a tiny bit of data generated by a website. This information is saved by your web browser. Its purpose is to remember information about you.

While cookies serve many purposes, they are generally used to store information for a specific site in order to improve functionality & user experience, such as remembering your username & password or items you’ve saved in your Wishlist! For more information about Cookies, please view our Cookie Policy!

Yes, Makyn.me collects information during your visit to our website through the use of cookies. We use these cookies for a variety of reasons, most commonly to distinguish you from other users of our websites and to help us compile aggregate statistics about usage of our websites. We also use cookies to help us provide you with a positive experience when you browse our website, help improve our content, and to personalize your visit. Your personal data will be also used to process your order, support your experience throughout this website, and for other purposes described in our Privacy Policy.

Yes, please refer to our Cookie Policy & our Privacy Policy.

Makyn.me Mobile App

Yes! The Makyn.me App is currently available in the Google Play Store!

We are currently working on creating a Mobile Application for the Apple Store.


Our Voice of the Community Page has various ways that our Members can leave us feedback to help improve the experience of our Members. Currently, from the Voice of the Community Page, you can post Reviews & Testimonials about how Makyn.me has helped you, offer Suggestions to make improvements, or take one of our brief Surveys to aid us in our endeavor!

Yes! As a newly created platform, we realize that there may be categories which need to be added. The best way to do that is to contact us using the Suggestion Form.

Cancel your Subscription by visiting the Subscription page of the Artist’s Dashboard.

At the top, there is a button that will allow you to cancel.

Note, if you have a free account and wish to upgrade, you may do so from the same page. 

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