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The creative community has been abuzz since February with discussions surrounding the changes announced by Etsy. The looming proposal to increase fees sent shockwaves through the community, prompting a collective plea from aggrieved shop owners. The concerns of Etsy Shops were passionately expressed through a petition, but sadly, their voices fell on deaf corporate ears as Etsy proceeded with the changes despite the outcry.

The impact of these changes reverberated throughout the creative community, casting a shadow of uncertainty and frustration over small business owners who rely on Etsy as a platform. The decision to roll out the changes, disregarding the genuine concerns expressed by shop owners, has sparked a deep sense of disappointment and disillusionment.

The petition, created to give voice to the grievances of shop owners, served as a testament to the united front of the creative community. It symbolized their dedication, determination, and desire for a fair and supportive marketplace environment. Unfortunately, their collective plea for reconsideration and dialogue went unanswered.


The contentious decision by Etsy to move forward with proposed changes, despite vehement opposition from its user base, sparked a significant upheaval within the community. This led to a notable event in the form of a week-long strike during April of this year, where Etsy Shop owners united in solidarity to express their dissatisfaction with the impending changes scheduled to take effect on April 11, 2022.

During this strike, participating shops made a powerful statement by putting their small businesses on vacation mode, symbolizing their collective discontent with the proposed alterations. This period coincided with the fee hike, which intensified the already heated atmosphere surrounding the strike. From April 11 to April 18, 2022, shop owners stood in solidarity, demanding their voices be heard and their concerns addressed.

The strike became a symbol of the deep-rooted frustrations and concerns harbored by shop owners who rely on Etsy as a platform for their small businesses. It showcased the strength and determination of these entrepreneurs, willing to take a stand to protect their interests and maintain the integrity of their creative ventures.

In the aftermath of the strike, the impact and significance of this event cannot be overlooked. It serves as a stark reminder that the relationship between a platform and its users is a delicate balance, and decisions made can have far-reaching consequences. The strike highlighted the need for platforms to listen attentively to the concerns of their user base, fostering open dialogue, transparency, and collaboration.

At, we understand the frustrations that arose from the events surrounding the strike. We strive to provide an alternative that addresses the core issues raised by shop owners. Our platform is built upon principles of fairness, support, and empowerment, ensuring that your small business is respected, and your voice is heard.

Join us as we forge a new path forward, one that values your creative endeavors, protects your interests, and champions the success of independent businesses. Together, we can create a marketplace where the needs of shop owners are at the forefront, fostering an environment of trust, collaboration, and shared prosperity.


The struggles faced by unhappy shop owners and small businesses relying on Etsy have garnered significant attention, making headlines in major news outlets across the country. These stories have shed light on the challenges that creatives face within the current marketplace landscape.

At, we empathize with the frustrations voiced by these Etsy Shop owners and small businesses. We understand the importance of having a platform that truly supports the growth and success of independent creators. That’s why we have created a solution that addresses their pain points and provides a better alternative.

Our platform is designed to offer a welcoming and supportive environment for small businesses and creatives to thrive. We have taken the lessons learned from the stories and interviews conducted by news outlets and implemented changes that prioritize the needs of our community. provides a platform where unhappy shop owners and small businesses can find solace and a fresh start. We offer a range of features and services that empower entrepreneurs to take control of their creative businesses. From low-rate shop options and enhanced visibility to control over customer lists and transparent fee structures, is committed to helping shop owners regain their autonomy and achieve success.

As the spotlight shines on the challenges faced by creatives, we invite those seeking a better alternative to join us. Together, we can build a community that values and uplifts small businesses and creatives, providing the support and opportunities they deserve.

Don’t let the headlines discourage you. is here to provide a new chapter in your entrepreneurial journey, offering a platform where your voice is heard, your creativity is celebrated, and your small business can flourish. Join us today and be a part of the movement for a marketplace that truly cares about the success and happiness of its shop owners and small businesses.


When Etsy falls short in providing a hospitable environment for independent shops, where can creatives turn to find a new home? This pressing question has led many independent shops, artists, crafters, and creatives to search for a better alternative. Enter, a community-style marketplace specifically designed to address this pain point and offer a welcoming virtual space for independent shops to thrive. is a platform created with artists and crafters in mind, aiming to maximize their profit potential while minimizing fees. We understand the challenges faced by independent creators and have developed a marketplace that prioritizes their needs. Opening and operating your shop on is effortless, allowing you to focus on what matters most—showcasing your work to the public and connecting with your target audience.

With a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, ensures a seamless experience for independent shops. We provide the tools and support necessary to help artists and crafters succeed, enabling them to pocket more of their hard-earned profits. Our commitment to a more hospitable marketplace environment sets us apart as the ideal destination for independent shops seeking a new virtual home.

Say goodbye to frustration and limited opportunities. welcomes you with open arms, offering a platform that values your creative endeavors and supports your growth. Join our thriving community and experience a marketplace built for artists and crafters. Open your shop on and embark on a journey where your creativity flourishes and your profits soar.


Unlock your creative potential and join today!

Experience a platform designed for artists, crafters, and makers, offering low-rate shop options, enhanced visibility, and control over your customer list.

Embrace the opportunities, connect with a passionate community, and showcase your unique creations to a world ready to support and appreciate your talent.

Difficulty monetizing creative’s model ensures fair compensation
Lack of support and is diligently working to provide comprehensive resources and educational materials to help you navigate operating your handmade business.
Limited visibility for offers enhanced visibility through social media promotion
High fees and commission offers low-rate shop options and minimizes fees
Complex taxation provides automated tax calculations for US sellers
Technical challenges in setting up offers user-friendly and accessible shop setup
Reaching a wider enables social media sharing, featured listings, and coupons to attract new customers


  1. Low-rate Shop Options:
    • Low-rate shop options allow artists to start and operate their online shops at affordable costs, reducing financial barriers and enabling them to focus on their creative work without excessive overhead expenses.
  2. Enhanced Visibility & Social Media Promotion:
    • Social media promotion provides artists with increased visibility and exposure to potential customers, expanding their reach and creating more opportunities for sales and recognition in a competitive market.
  3. Comprehensive Resources and Educational Materials:
    • Providing comprehensive resources and educational materials equips artists with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the creative business landscape, enhance their skills, and grow their businesses effectively.
  4. Business Model:
    • Artists receive fair compensation for their creative work, promoting a sustainable business model and promoting continuous artistic endeavors and prolific creativity.
  5. User-Friendly Shop Setup:
    • A user-friendly shop setup streamlines the process of opening and managing an online shop, making it accessible to artists with varying technical skills and allowing them to focus more on their creative process.
  6. Automated Tax Calculations (for US Sellers):
    • Automated tax calculations alleviate the complexity and burden of tax management for artists selling their work, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and saving time and effort.
  7. Inclusive Community and Support:
    • Fostering an inclusive community and providing support creates a sense of belonging for artists, connecting them with like-minded individuals who understand their journey and providing encouragement, collaboration opportunities, and emotional support.
  8. Helpful Calculator Designed to Assist Makers to Price Their Handmade Work or Art for Sale:
    • Our platform offers a user-friendly pricing calculator specifically designed to assist makers in determining the optimal prices for their handmade work or art. With this tool, you can easily set fair and competitive prices, ensuring that your creations are priced accurately in the market.
  9. Shops Control Their Own Customer List:
    • At, we believe in empowering our sellers. That’s why we give you complete control over your customer list. You can build relationships with your customers, maintain valuable customer information, and implement personalized marketing strategies to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.
  10. Free Listing for a Variety of Products:
    • Listing your creative products on is completely free. Whether you create handmade items, handcrafted goods, fine art, art prints, digital designs, or offer custom professional services, you can showcase your diverse range of offerings to the general public without any listing fees.
  11. Establish a Following and Connect Social Media Accounts:
    • We understand the importance of building a loyal following. With, you can establish your own following within our vibrant community of artists and art enthusiasts. Plus, you can easily connect your social media accounts to your shop, enabling seamless cross-promotion and expanding your reach beyond our platform.
  12. No Commission or Sales Fee for Ultimate Shops:
    • We value your hard work and believe you deserve to keep more of your earnings. That’s why, unlike many other platforms, we don’t charge any commission or sales fees for our ultimate shops. You can maximize your profits and enjoy the freedom of selling your creative work without any additional costs.
  13. Free Featured Listings for All Shops:
    • Stand out from the crowd with our free featured listings. We provide this opportunity to all shops on, allowing you to showcase your products prominently and increase your visibility. Take advantage of this feature to capture the attention of potential customers and boost your sales potential.
  14. Articles and Email Notifications:
    • Share your story and engage with your audience through articles about your work. Our platform allows you to create compelling content that highlights your process, inspirations, and the stories behind your creations. When you publish new articles or listings, we automatically send email notifications to your followers, keeping them informed and connected.
  15. Coupons and Sales Promotions:
    • Attract more customers and drive sales with our coupon and sales promotion feature. Create enticing discounts and special offers to reward your loyal customers or entice new buyers. This powerful marketing tool helps you generate excitement around your products and encourages repeat purchases.
  16. Growth Loop through Social Media Sharing:
    • We believe in the power of social media to amplify your reach. facilitates a growth loop for creatives by encouraging and enabling the sharing of your work on social media platforms. By promoting your products across social channels, you can expand your audience, attract new customers, and create more opportunities for your creative endeavors.

Each key feature plays an important role in empowering artists and makers on They address specific pain points and provide essential tools and support to help artists monetize their talents, showcase their work effectively, overcome challenges, and build sustainable creative businesses. Together, these features contribute to a supportive and thriving ecosystem where artists can flourish and make a lasting impact.


At, we recognize the importance of actively listening to the concerns of our community members. We strive to create an alternative platform that values transparency, open communication, and collaboration. Your voice matters to us, and we are committed to addressing the issues that have caused unrest within the creative community.

Join us as we build a new chapter, one where the concerns of shop owners are not only acknowledged but also acted upon. Together, we can create a thriving marketplace that respects the needs and aspirations of independent businesses, fostering an environment of trust, respect, and shared success. Let your voice be heard and join us in shaping a better future for the creative community. Etsy Alternative


Empowering Artists, Crafters, and Makers to Thrive!

Amanda Clarke-Peterson

Amanda Clarke-Peterson

Amanda, the visionary Founder of, has dedicated the past four years to building an extraordinary Marketplace that empowers fellow Creatives. With a deep passion for art, crafts, and creativity, Amanda is on a mission to address the pain-points faced by artists and crafters, providing them with invaluable support. Alongside her coding and web development expertise, Amanda excels in writing and creative problem-solving. As the proud owner of the independent shop Mandakyns, she offers a captivating collection of handcrafted goods within the vibrant Creative Marketplace. Utilizing her artistic skills and proficiency in mixed media techniques, Amanda immerses herself in the creative process, constantly crafting unique pieces. When not immersed in her work, you might find her indulging in a cup of coffee while plein air painting, curating captivating content, or passionately creating items to enrich our Marketplace. Amanda warmly invites you to join her in this inspiring community that we are collectively building together.


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