DIY Steampunk Molds | Create YOUR OWN Molds

DIY Steampunk Molds - Great for projects with resin, clay, food, soap, and MORE!

DIY Steampunk Molds

DIY Steampunk Molds | Create YOUR OWN Molds using things you LOVE!

DIY Steampunk Molds

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I create multiple molds using a variety of different findings that are steampunk oriented! I create these DIY Steampunk molds using Amazing Mold Putty. This product IS SIMPLY AMAZING! It is SO EASY TO USE, YOU WILL LOVE IT!

The box of contains two separate lidded tubes that hold the each of the parts of the mold putty, one part is white and the other part is yellow. I measure an equal amount of each part using plastic measuring spoons that I got from a local dollar store!

Mix the putty thoroughly until it has a nice consistency and is completely combined, such that you cannot tell one part from the other. It should appear solid yellow in color, any striations which are obvious means that you should continue to knead it. The process generally took less than 2 minutes to reach this consistency. 

I show a variety of ways that you can roll it out. The acrylic roller and metal knitting needle were my favorite. Perhaps in retrospect, I would recommend baking paper instead of the wax paper I demonstrated if you are going to use a brayer. I do not think baking paper would have stuck. In the video, when this happened, I just flipped it over. Do not use a brayer directly on the mold putty, it sticks. I didn’t include that in the video. I will say that the mold putty beautifully accepts detail and texture, creating reusable DIY Steampunk Molds! 

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