DIY Steampunk Cork Stamps

These DIY Steampunk Cork Stamps are double-sided tools that you can easily make at home to create a texture sheet or negative impression in polymer clay!

diy steampunk cork stamps

DIY Steampunk Cork Stamps

Hey Art Friends! These DIY Steampunk Cork Stamps are an inexpensive way that you can add some tools to your crafting arsenal! Follow along with this video to see how these stamps are created and hopefully it gives you some inspiration for how you can create your own texture stamps for polymer clay using cork and findings that you have. This is the “sister” video to the DIY Steampunk Molds | Create YOUR Own Molds Video, which demonstrates how to create the positive shape and mold for a variety of findings! So, no matter what kind of elements you are trying to create – I got YOU covered! This is also a great way to get mileage out of your findings! You can continue to reuse these stamps to recreate a steampunk or textured look without purchasing more of the same findings! If you would like to make your own texture sheet, just bake the polymer clay that you stamp! You can then apply baby powder, corn starch, or mica powders to prevent the clay from sticking to your texture sheet – and voila! Instant & repeatable Steampunk style! Subscribe & SMASH the Notification Bell so that you don’t miss any of my unique videos! Shop MY Store! Happy Arting!
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