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DIY Art Tiles from Recycled CDs

These beautiful art tiles were created in the following way:

1.) Score the top of cds using sharp razor knife.
2.) Remove the foil from the top of discs with tape.
3.) Draw a grid with permanent marker.
4.) Cut the cds with scissors along the grid lines.
5.) Using acrylic paint, paint one tile and place another tile on top of the painted tile. In effect you are making “paint sandwiches.”
6.) Then using a toaster oven, bake the tiles outside until the two tiles become one.

I varied the temperature from 250 degrees F up to 400 degrees F to experiment with the look of the tiles. Some batches took longer than others depending on the temperature that the tiles were baked at.

Note: Higher temperatures seem to result in more bubbles.

Click here to see how I used the completed art tiles in a project!

Art Tile Resin Cafe Set Tutorial

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