As an Organization, Makyn.me values diversity and inclusivity! We represent a growing variety of Artists & Crafters from diverse backgrounds by providing excellence in Shop Services.


We invite Creatives & Customers from ALL WALKS OF LIFE to participate in our Community! At Makyn.me, our goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels valued as an important part of our Organization!


We believe the Makyn.me Marketplace should be a reflection of the larger Arts & Creative Communities that we serve. To foster a diverse & inclusive culture, we are actively seeking Independent Shops owned & operated by minorities of all kinds to encourage an appreciation of the Arts and awareness for Artists that they support. We desire to celebrate our diversity & honor our unique differences.


OUR PLATFORM-WIDE POLICY IS: WE LOVE ALL FORMS OF ART AND ALL TYPES OF CREATIVES! WE WILL NOT TOLERATE DISCRIMINATION OR ANY FORM OF HATE! This means that we do not treat people differently on the basis of age, race, religion, color, creed, nationality, disability, marital/afamily status, or sexual preference. 


Our Shop Services provide equal opportunities and access to resources! The only difference between Shop Plans is the Sales fee, charged only to FREE SHOPS. We encourage Free Shops to reduce this fee to 0%, by upgrading to an UNLIMITED SHOP! The nominal fees, like Sales fees & our Subscriptions that are collected help cover operational costs and other costs of doing business.


Belonging to a Community allows our Independent Shops to experience connection with others. This feeling of “belonging” is an integral part of inclusivity. Our goal is to empower Creatives & inspire comfortability in a conducive environment so that Creatives WANT to contribute to and share their work in our Marketplace & Community!


As a Platform, Makyn.me is responsible for developing a conducive Community environment for Independent Shops to participate in. Our Shop Services provide a safe virtual place for Artists & Crafters to list their creative work in an online space that honors originality and the creative contributions of our Independent Shops before our Community. As an Organization, we want to celebrate our Community’s diversity & create a Platform where the unique differences of our Members are appreciated & even encouraged!


As an Organization, we protect & respect our User’s RIGHTS FREEDOM OF SPEECH & EXPRESSION, particularly where it relates to creative expression! Our Community Server advocates freedom of speech and expression through open communication, while maintaining mutual respect for one another.

If you need to report an issue or a violation of our Community Guidelines, you may do so here.


  • Enhanced Shopping on platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest do not support attributes for [gender] aside from male, female, and unisex.To rectify this and provide options that take this into account, NEW attributes for “Pride” and “Support” that display on the “Additional Info” of single listing pages. Shops may add terms as needed when listing items under the attributes tab.
  • Community Guidelines that are supportive of our Policies concerning Diversity & Inclusivity including non-discrimination & strict non-tolerance of hate speech of any kind to create a safe environment for all of our users.
  • Added an answer to our FAQ’s page in response to a Community question about diversity & inclusivity received on TikTok. We addressed the question as part of a video response on our TikTok Channel.
  • Shops may now indicate their Preferred Pronouns at Registration. This field may be set under “Additional Info” within the Shop’s Profile and will show under the “Membership” tab. The Preferred Pronouns of an Independent Shop may be changed at any time by visiting Manage My Shop > Shop Settings > Profile.

If you have any suggestions for how we can focus more on diversity and inclusivity, please let us know HERE.

Amanda Clarke-Peterson

Amanda Clarke-Peterson

Amanda is the Founder of Makyn.me. She has spent the last four years building an amazing Marketplace that helps Creatives like herself! Amanda loves to encourage art, crafts, & creativity in the greater Arts Community! Her mission with Makyn.me is to solve the pain-points Creatives face, her ultimate goal is helping the Artist or Crafter behind the work!Along with coding & developing websites, Amanda excels at writing & creative problem-solving. Additionally, Amanda is the Owner of the Independent Shop, Mandakyns. As a professional Artist & Crafter, she offers a variety of handcrafted goods alongside other Independent Shops in the Makyn.me Creative Marketplace! As a Shop, she busies herself fashioning an array of creative work with her artistic skills in employing a variety of mixed media techniques to achieve the end-result. During free time, you might find her sipping coffee & plein air painting, planning content for your consumption, or working on creating an item to offer in our Marketplace! She welcomes you to join her in the Community that we are creating TOGETHER!

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