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Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

We don’t hold back!

Makyn.me fully believes in giving our Creatives every advantage to succeed & thrive in the Marketplace & Community!

Thus, we have provided our Artist Shops with the means & tools that they need in order to do so!

Artist Shop Subscriptions receive


  • Banner & Image – The Shop’s banner & image are the first thing that customers see when they visit! Every Artist Shop receives a customizable banner & image.
  • Shops List – Once the Shop’s banner & image are uploaded, your Shop will appear in the Shops List. Anyone looking for your Shop by name can easily locate it!
  • Profile – Help customers get to know the Maker behind the Art by completing your profile!
  • Portfolio – Showcase your work by adding examples of your work to your portfolio! This provides potential customers with a view of what you are capable of as well as a taste of your style of work!
  • Shop Local – Buying & supporting local is trendy & growing in popularity. Add location information to your Shop & handmade products. Customers have the ability to search within a radius to locate products that match their inquiry.
  • Shop Support – Provide support directly from your Shop page or contact you to commission custom work by completing your Shop’s contact information.
  • Live Support – Need help? We are here for you! Just click the little green button located on the left-hand side of the screen in order to contact Makyn.me directly during business hours to get assistance with any question that you have!
  • Reviews  Both Inc.com and this study agree that as much as 91% of people read reviews, with 84% trusting reviews as much as friends or relatives. To ensure that our Artists can take full advantage of this, we have included reviews on all products! Reviews engage customers to share positive experiences they have had with your brand! Positive reviews have the ability to influence opinion and encourage other potential customers to purchase from you!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Tag your Artist Shop & handmade products with highly relevant keywords that will attract potential customers to your Shop directly from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing & more!


PLUS, Makyn.me’s Artist Shop Subscriptions are extremely AFFORDABLY PRICED! 


  • NO COMMISSIONS! Earn 100% of the profits from sales in the Artist’s Marketplace!

Join our Community of unique Shops offering creative-driven products & services in the Artist’s Marketplace TODAY!



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