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For one, low monthly rate our Artists gain access to a wide range of amazing features. In return, these rates help us maintain the community platform, & allows us to continue providing excellent services that benefit our Members! Each Plan comes with a Shop and offers Artists & Creatives the means & tools to list a variety of products & services on the platform.

Affordable Options

Similar to the concept of a CO-OP, offers Artists a community as well as virtual space to promote & sell their original work!

We offer several reasonable Shop Subscription Plans, designed to help Artists retain the profits made from selling their work. Shop Subscription Plans enjoy  ZERO COMMISSIONS & ZERO LISTING FEES & access to ALL of the FEATURES of the Platform!

With a Paid Shop Subscription

These Plans feature NO COMMISSIONS and NO LISTING FEES for sales that occur in the Artist’s Marketplace!  In exchange for the benefits & services offered by the Platform, we charge a nominal monthly recurring payment of your chosen subscription plan.


With a Paid Monthly Subscription!


Never worry about monthly listing fees!


Advertisement-FREE Shopping Experience!

With a Free Shop

We offer a FREE Shop option for those who would like to sell and wish to do so on a commission basis.

Your Shop is FREE to open and there are no listing fees, AND you get the same access to EVERY FEATURE on the platform that every other Artist Shop does!

However, the difference is that a FREE Shop must pay a nominal fee of 3% when they sell items. This is called a “Commission.” A FREE Shop is also limited to only being able to list 10 items per month.

So, if you are just starting out or want to give the platform a try, this may be just the option you are looking for!

Your Shop

eCommerce Store
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Premium Artist Shop Subscription Features

Artist Shop Subscription plans have NO FEES for LISTING your work!


All Shop Subscriptions Feature

Handmade eCommerce Site

Focused on selling handcrafted work & original art!

Post Artist Content on!

Create & post artistic content for your fans! Resources

Access to a growing library of educational resources for Artists! Shops Upload Photos & Images to represent their work!

Display & share beautiful images of your work with the community! Coupons allow Artist Shops to offer Specials!

Create coupons and offer SPECIALS in YOUR Shop! Improvement How To & Tutorial Video

Demonstrating visually how to use the Platform!

Https:// Secure Site & Transactions SSL

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protection for Transactions! offers unique shops in the Artist's Marketplace!

Open the shop of your dreams! Follow your passion!

Create listings simply and easily using our Frontend Dashboard!

Easily list your products & services for sale!

Each Member receives a personal profile of their own!

Connect with customers by creating a complete Artist Profile!

Connect with like-minded individuals.

Make creative friends & meet like-minded individuals! Shop Local - Support Local

Find unique, handmade products near you!

Live Chat Feature

Get Live Assistance during normal business hours!

Access to Reports about Artist Shops

Access to helpful REPORTS on the Artist Dashboard! remembers your favorite shops and the items in your wishlist for later!

Enjoy a community of Shops offering unique, One-of-a-Kind items! Events Calendar

Discover art shows, craft fairs & festivals of interest!

Present your skills and talents in your Portfolio!

Complete your Member profile to showcase your work! offers the ability to create & join groups!

Connect with our community over topics of special interest!

Venues offering events of interest to Artists & Creatives

A List of Arts & Craft Events for Artists & Creatives!

Members only Private Chat

Easily collaborate with other artists on projects!

REVIEWS help Customers learn to trust YOUR Brand!

Creating a Community of Artists!

Join a growing community of Artists & Creatives selling their work!

Broadcast SPECIALS with's Shop Announcements

Post Announcements about specials for your Shop!

Grow your online presence by linking your Social Media Profiles!

Sharing is Caring! Don't forget to share with your friends!

Input your social media profiles & reach a growing network!

Establish YOUR Brand on the Shops List!

Keywords & SEO are vital to help locate your Products!



Plans offer a wide range of pricing options for Artist Shops!

In the spirit of transparency:

Please note that Artists & Crafters are essentially small businesses! We support YOU!

We simply ask that our Vendors comply with all local, state, and federal law in applying for any necessary business licenses in order to perform your work.

All taxes are collected by the vendor. Vendors are responsible for paying their own taxes.

Vendors also have a small merchant fee when items sell, this is not imposed by but by the Merchants who provide the privilege of performing electronic transactions, such as PayPal & Stripe.

We do not currently offer Warehousing or work with any Print on Demand Services. However, if this is something that the community desires, we will look into it! Let us  know in the comment section below!

Features & Improvements

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