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Art Tiles from Recycled CDs

Hey! I wanted to share this really cool method to repurpose and recycle cds that you can use for a variety of purposes. Be sure to check out the other tutorial that I posted here on called Art Resin Table to see what I did with my Art Tiles!

Here are the directions:

  1. Score compact discs (CDS) with a utility knife that you no longer want or are too scratched up to listen to anymore.
  2. Apply a sticky tape to the shiny side of the disc close to where you scored it.
  3. Remove all of the foil from each disc.
  4. Draw a grid along the clear disc using a Sharpie or other marker. Use a sheet of graph paper if you don’t have an acrylic ruler to place underneath.
  5. Cut along the grid you drew on the disk creating “tiles.”
  6. Create a palette with acrylic paints on. I am using a piece of round cardboard from home-baked pizza – I love to recycle!
  7. Next, let’s create some “paint sandwiches!” Apply paint to a tile and “sandwich” it with another tile ontop.
  8. Arrange the tiles on a piece of aluminum on a baking sheet.
  9. I pre-heated my toaster oven to 350 degrees (the higher the temperature, the faster they bake – and the more bubbles you are prone to get). I experimented with different temperatures. But I rather liked the bubbles. If you don’t want bubbles, try a temperature between 250 & 300 degrees. I recommend using a small toaster oven because they are portable, AND you can do this project outside so that you aren’t breathing in any toxic fumes from the melting plastic. I DO NOT recommend doing this in the house.
  10. Keep an eye on the tiles, baking the tiles until the two tile pieces begin to “meld” into a single piece of plastic. This can vary
  11. Remove the tiles from the oven when this has occurred.
  12. Allow the tiles to cool before removing them from the aluminum foil on the baking sheet.
  13. If aluminum has stuck, just pull it off.
  14. Voila! Beautiful DIY Art Tiles

Don’t forget to check out my video on How to Make an Art Resin Table with the beautiful tiles that I created with this tutorial!

If you create tiles using this tutorial, I would love to see them! Please share pictures of your finished project with me!

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