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Art Tile Resin Cafe Set Tutorial

The video tutorial located under this text demonstrates how to create a beautiful handmade table was made by upcycling old cds into art tiles and building up the surface using resin.

1.) Prepare Surface (Sand & spraypaint table)

2.) Place art tiles

3.) Tack gently with gloss spraypaint

4.) Tape edges, creating a “lip” around rim of table.

5.) Combine & mix 2-part resin for 2 minutes.

6.) Transfer to another container and stir for another minute.

7.) Pour onto surface.

8.) Pop bubbles with a barbecue lighter or propane torch.

9.) Repeat steps 4-8 for second pour. 

10.) Remove tape.

11.) Allow to cure for 48 hours.

12.) Use a fresh razor blade knife to remove the meniscus created by the resin (sharp “lip” around the edge of the table).


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