About Us

About Us

Makyn.me is democratizing the Art world, making it affordable for Artists to present their work to the public via the Shops that we offer!

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We have a small, dedicated team that is hard at work to bring you the best experience while you search for the perfect handmade item! As engagement and interaction within the community grows, we will scale to size accordingly.

Amanda Clarke-Peterson

Founder – Owner

How You Can Help

As a grassroots company, we are pleased to provide Shop Services to Artisans, Artists, Crafters, and Creative Professionals!

If you want to help our fledgling company,

1.) Share Makyn.me with Friends & Family!

2.) Promote your Shop and Products on Social Media!

3.) Spread the word! Share with other Artists and Creatives about how Makyn.me will solve the problem of where to sell their work without the hassle of building your own website!

4.) Support us financially on Patreon!

5.) Make a donation to our Mission to Democratize the Arts!

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Creatives from around the world come together in our Community to offer a unique selection of handmade products & services!


Looking for the perfect handcrafted item for that special someone? Or are you looking for professional creative services? Find just the Shop!


Shops are able to offer their own sales and create coupons! Follow your FAVORITE Shops to stay posted as to when items you are interested in go on sale!


Shop with our Vendors with ease of our secure payment providers and plentiful payment options from the comfort of your own home!

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