About Makyn.me

We Are

We are Makyn Originals Studios D/B/A Makyn.me. Makyn.me is a CO-OP style Organization that provides Artists with Shops to sell their creative work as well as offers Creatives with the means & tools to they need to succeed!

We Do

As an eCommerce Platform, we host the Artist’s Marketplace. It features a Community of Shops that offer a variety of handmade & original products, professional & custom services, & digital products for sale.

We also provide our Artist Shops with the ability to post 14+ types of Creative-Driven Content, such as art journaling, projects, tutorials, works in progress, and MORE!

We specialize in providing Shop Subscription Services to a variety of different types of Artists & Creatives who would like to expand their reach to a world-wide audience!

We offer excellence in benefits, services & support for our Shop Vendors & Customer!


How We

We achieve our MISSION by:

  • Enabling Artists with FREE Shops to retain MORE OF THEIR PROFITS THAN ANY OTHER PLATFORM!
  • Offering low-cost, feature-rich automatically renewing Shop Subscriptions, which help keep an Artist’s work available for the duration of the subscription! 
  • Shop Subscriptions feature NO COMMISSIONS, meaning, Shops get to keep 100% of their profits from their creative work!
  • Providing Artists with the means & tools to succeed!
  • Helping Artists reach a world-wide audience!
  • Offering excellence in our features & services, providing benefits to Artists!
  • Customers can feel GREAT knowing that the proceeds go to the Artist when they patronize our Platform!


As an Organization, we promote the following Qualities:

  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Freedom
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Mutual Respect
  • Originality
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency


We are a Community of Artists & Patrons of the Arts!

We ask that our Collective Membership abide by our Community Guidelines and our Prohibited Content, Products, & Services


As an Arts Community, we are believers in the freedom of expression!

Members have the ability to communicate both publicly and privately within our community!

We allow our Collective Members to connect with one another in meaningful ways to collaborate on custom work or projects! It also helps our Artists to create an audience, grow their clientele list without a “middle-man”, and create True Fans within their audience. 

This encourages our Collective to continue using our Platform to engage & interact with our growing community as well as promote & sell their work! 


Our Artists have free reign to post Creative-Driven content until their hearts are content! We believe in the Freedom of Expression!

Makyn.me provides Artists with the ability to post MORE than 14 types of Creative-Driven Content, Products, & Services on our Platform! Including Mature Content, Products, and Services.

We encourage our Collective to create, design, post, & share with our Community of Creatives & Art-Lovers!

How Can Help

Sign up & Open Shop!

We are currently looking for Artists to join our Community, post creative content, & offer their original handmade products & professional services!

We would appreciate any help our Members would be willing to lend to help spread the word about our GROWING platform amongst the Creative Community! 

About the

Makyn Originals Studios LLC was founded by Amanda “Makyn” Clarke-Peterson.

Amanda is a mother & the owner of two small businesses. Like most of our Shop Owners, she is also an Artist!

She loves art, coding, coffee, creating, the outdoors, & watercolor! 

Amanda Clarke-Peterson

Her dream is to be the change she wishes to see in the world!

To accomplish her dream, she has innovated this low-cost, feature-rich solution designed to support the Arts & other Artists like herself!