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Who We Are

Makyn.me is a Community of Artists & Patrons of the Arts!

Featuring the Artist’s Marketplace, an online Marketplace of Artist Shops! Buy and sell handmade items on an eCommerce platform that features a variety of unique Artist Shops, called the Artist’s Marketplace!

What We Do

As an organization, we provide Artists & Creatives with the means & tools to sell their handmade items in our Artist’s Marketplace!

We offer excellence in benefits, services & support for our Members!

Our Values

As an organization, we encourage creativity, collaboration, diversity, & innovation within our Community!

  • Community
  • Cooperation
  • Integrity
  • Originality
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency

Our Mission

At Makyn.me, our MISSION is to help Artists earn a living doing what they love!

Our overarching goal is to change the common perception about Creatives as “Starving Artists” by innovating a viable eCommerce & Community option that allows Artists to build their own wealth, which has the capacity to support a decent standard of living based on their ability to sell handmade work & professional skills!

How We Accomplish This

We intend to meet these goals by offering low-cost, high-benefit Shops that in turn provide Artists with the ability to market their handcrafted goods.

Artists reap the benefits of paying zero commissions & no listing fees for transactions that occur in the Artist’s Marketplace!

The result is that our model drastically reduces the impact on Artist resources which helps our Artists to retain more of the profits from each sale!

Therefore, Artists are able to reinvest in improving their standard of living, equipment, raw materials, and/or supplies – or apply this however they see fit!

Freely Communicate

As an Arts Community, we are believers in the freedom of expression!

Members have the ability to communicate both publicly and privately within our community! This allows our Members to connect with one another in meaningful ways to collaborate on custom work or projects! This encourages our Members to continue using our platform to promote their work!

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